Techsol New Product Announcement: Oracle’s eJRE Java SE Platform is now available on Techsol’s Computer Modules and Products

Technical Solutions Inc. (Techsol) has deployed the latest Java technology from Oracle on Techsol’s Touch Screen Computer Modules (TSCMs)

A 3-board set of, from left to right: a TSC‑43D (LC) Display Interface Board; a TSCM233; and a TSC‑IO‑1Ethernet

San Francisco, California, USA - 2012‑10‑04

OFFERINGTSC rear (I/O board) viewed looking over the top
Oracle’s Java SE Embedded eJRE is an embedded version of Java SE that has been adapted to fit into a smaller footprint than the desktop version. Techsol supports this platform on all new products. The user selects the computer of choice from the TSCM (Touch‑Screen Computer Module) lineup. This includes the TSCM‑233 and the newer TSCM‑283, all running Medallion Linux. Soon there will be a single-core Cortex A8 option, the TSCM‑53, followed by a very powerful multi-core option. All TSCM choices are pin-compatible, allowing full designer control over how much compute power is dialed in, and over costing.

The benefits of Java are well known, leading to its widespread deployment across many markets. But it wasn’t as easily or readily available for embedded developers. Techsol has invested heavily into Java technology to simplify Java access. Starting almost 10 years ago with Sun’s J2ME on the HY7201 Medallion CPU Module (powered by a 60‑MHz Hyundai ARM‑720T processor), that was replaced by IBM’s J9 implementation of J2ME/CDC on the SA2410 Medallion CPU Module, powered by a 200‑MHz Samsung ARM‑920T processor. And now that has been replaced by the eJRE running on the TSCM‑283, powered by a Freescale i.MX28 454‑MHz ARM‑926 processor. This new technology grants Java SE power and features to embedded product developers, opening a new world of possibilities!

At today’s Java One conference, stop by some sessions such as:

Or contact Techsol to discuss how Oracle’s Java SE Embedded on Techsol’s hardware can drive market leadership positioning.

Techsol's Medallion System is unique in the embedded computer world. The Medallion single-board computer product line encompasses multiple CPUs, and different configurations with the same CPU. However, the pin‑out and form factor remain the same, even after 10 years.

And the newer TSCM line will also have a similar long availability for “planned NON‑obsolesence”.

There is one Medallion module that is best matched to your application.

By designing with the Medallion system, you are effectively outsourcing your CPU design and Linux porting with no up‑front NRE fees! That lets your team concentrate on the hardware and software portions of your product that your customers see. The result is that you can create a higher-quality product in a fraction of the time (and cost) of designing everything yourself from scratch! Furthermore, the interchangeable modules extend product life‑cycle times.

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