About Techsol

Techsol Company Goals

Techsol is here for our employees and our customers.
We work closely with each customer to help them get their newest product to market in a timely and cost-effective fashion.
Some of the team members have worked together since the 1980's.
Others are more recent additions to the team, but just as loyal.
This dedicated crew consistently does whatever it takes to solve customer problems and add value where our customers need it.
With no outside shareholders to disrupt operations, the company continues to develop the technologies that our customers ask for.
For this reason, we also have extremely loyal customers too!

The company goals are to create value for our customers, and thrive in niche areas that "the big companies" aren't interested in.
We target products and markets with opportunities in the thousands of units per year, not millions. The risks are small, and the pay-offs fairly certain.
The company will grow to a "comfortable size" of a few dozen staff. We need to maintain the flexibility and ambience of a small company to react to market needs.
We work in partnership with our customers, and we will prosper together!

Techsol's Environmental Statement

The entire company operates in an "environmentally-friendly" fashion.

  • We try to minimize the use of paper, relying on electronic documents as much as possible.
  • We design products with an aim to minimize materials usage and to use materials that are recyclable (or recycled).
  • Our shipping department re-uses boxes and packing materials.
  • Each week we deliver a load of recyclable paper, glass, metal, cardboard, plastic and juice containers to the municipality's recycling facility.