HY7201 Medallion CPU Module

This Module is powered by a Hynix GMS30c7201 processor, featuring an ARM-720T core with MMU and cache memories.

The HY7201 is a legacy product and consequently should not be used for new designs.

New designs should use the SA2410 or a TSCM.
Feature Description
Processor speed Variable from 24 to 60 MHz
  • Single 3.3 V supply in
  • on-board reset controller
Serial ports
  • 1 UART with modem control lines
  • 1 UART with RX/TX
  • 1 IrDA
  • 1 I²C (in SW)
USB 3 full-speed host ports (12 Mbps)
  • MIC in (8 or 11 kHz)
  • Stereo Line-out (8 to 44.1 kHz)
  • 4- or 8-bit STN and CSTN
  • 12-bit TFT
  • integrated touch-panel controller
Keypad Key-matrix scan hardware supporting up to 88 keys (8 × 11)
  • 32 Data
  • 26 Address
  • 3 Chip-selects
  • 4 Write “lanes”
  • 1 Read
  • 3 IRQs
  • Expansion Clock and Ready
NOR flash Techsol’s boot loaders and Linux 2.4.25 kernel are stored in 2 MB of NOR flash.
Main memory up to 32 MB of SDRAM
Solid-state disk provided via DiskOnChip (up to 32 MB)
Memory expansion Memory card interface supporting MultiMediaCard (MMC)
Software Included drivers:
  • all the on-board peripherals
  • Linux framebuffer
  • GTK+
  • Qt Embedded
  • X11 (Xorg)
  • Audio Play and Record programs
  • file systems
  • USB:
    • Mass Storage Devices
    • Human Interface Devices
      • text input devices, such as keyboards
      • pointing devices, such as mice and trackballs
    • USB Gadget
    • etc.
  • for all the I/O board peripherals, such as:
    • Ethernet
    • USB Gadget
    • extra UARTs
    • etc.
Dimensions 50 mm × 50 mm

This module is unique because, in addition to the LCD controller, it has a CRT controller (with color lookup tables and DACs) for directly interfacing to a CRT monitor.

Product Image
Magna Chip ARM-720T Processor with Linux and CRT Output at 60 MHz for Kiosks and Thin Clients (top)

Magna Chip ARM-720T Processor with Linux and CRT Output at 60 MHz for Kiosks and Thin Clients (bottom)

Block Diagram
HY7201 block diagram
enlarge image
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See also

This module is useful in a wide range of applications due to its:

  • CRT Controller (very unique in a computer this size)
  • High-speed IrDA (up to 4 Mbps)
  • Feature Mix
  • Low Cost (High Value Proposition!)

Customers of this module have deployed them in:

  • Industrial Controls
  • Handheld Ticketing Systems
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Factory Automation and Monitoring
  • Building Controls and Monitoring
  • Telematics (Vehicle Tracking)
  • Wireless Surveillance Systems
  • Autonomous Vehicle Controllers
  • Yacht Security Systems

The HY7201 is used in so many applications we can't list them all here!