Medallion TPC‑57A Touch Panel Computer

Techsol has another 200 MHz Industrial‑Grade Computer with:

The TPC‑57A has been replaced by the upgraded TPC‑57B, which features an active‑matrix color LCD with LED backlight and Fast Ethernet (10BaseT/100BaseTX). Please contact us for more information.
  • qVGA (320×240) Color LCD Panel with CFL Backlight and optional Touch panel
  • Switching power supply operates from 14 to 30 volts (AC or DC) in.
  • Low‑power 10BaseT Ethernet interface
  • GPIO for push buttons, etc.
  • 2 × RS‑232 serial interfaces on DE‑9 connectors
  • 1 × RS‑485 serial interface on terminal strip
  • 2 × ultra‑efficient SMPS feeding 5 V for logic and display, and 12 V for the backlight inverter
  • High‑quality 16‑bit Audio Out (for MP3s, Announcements, etc.)
  • 4 channels of 4–20 mA Analog Sensor Inputs
  • and digital inputs and outputs, preconfigured to drive optocouplers (with LED drive power)
  • There is a low‑power Real‑Time Clock with Battery Backup (RTC)
  • There is a Header for external I²C devices, with +5 V Power and Ground
  • There is a Flash Memory Card Connector for SD or MMC
  • Of course, there are Dual USB Host ports (USB Type A connector)
  • plus a USB Device (Gadget) port (USB Type B connector)
  • And, like all devices powered by a Medallion CPU Module, it ships with Linux 2.6 plus drivers preinstalled!

all packaged into a space barely 4.5″ × 7″ × 1.25″
Power consumption 8 watts or less (depending on CPU speed and display mode).

Product Image
Touch‑Panel Computer with 5.7‑inch LCD
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Block Diagram
TPC‑57A block diagram
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