Medallion Gateway Products overview

The Gateway product line is a collection of low‑power, embedded computers with rich communications capabilities. Gateways either include a Medallion CPU Module or they incorporate the same Hardware Platform enabling them to leverage Techsol’s vast Software expertise and features.

Comparison table
Photograph Model Type RS‑232 ports RS‑485 ports Ethernet ports USB Host USB Device Memory card Audio Main memory SSD
GWX2 GWX2 SBC 1-3 0-2 1 10BaseT/100BaseTX 4 1 1 microSD Software-controllable buzzer 32 MB or 64 MB SDRAM 128 MB or more NAND
GWX GWX SBC 1 1 1 10BaseT 1 1 1 SD/MMC Stereo Headphones, Headset 32 MB SDRAM 128 MB or more NAND
GW2 GW2 SA2410‑640 CPU module 3 1 2 10BaseT 2 1 1 SD/MMC none 64 MB SDRAM 128 MB or more NAND