Gateway 2

Techsol’s Gateway 2 has been shipping since 2005.

The Gateway 2 is powered by the SA2410 Medallion CPU module operating at up to 266 MHz.

  • Ultra‑Low‑Power operation: consuming less than 2 watts at full speed!
  • a 32‑bit, RISC processor running Linux 2.6.x
  • 64 MB of SDRAM on a 32‑bit‑wide bus operating at up to 133 MHz
  • at least 130 MB of flash memory (2 MB NOR, at least 128 MB NAND)
  • power management options to support battery‑powered data acquisition systems
  • 2 Ethernet ports using RJ‑45 connectors with full Linux support and security options
  • 3 RS‑232 ports using DE‑9 connectors, all with modem control lines
  • RS‑232‑3 (the 3rd RS‑232 port) also has a jumper option to provide +5 VDC on pin #9 for devices, such as barcode scanners
  • 1 RS‑485 port using an RJ‑12 connector with automatic direction control
  • 2 USB 1.1 Host ports with full support for USB input devices, storage device, plus support for select wireless devices
  • 1 USB 1.1 Device (Gadget) port with full support for TCP/IP over USB
  • 1 Digital I/O port using a DB‑25 connector
  • 1 DC power jack using a 2.1 mm × 5.5 mm connector
  • 2 indicator LEDs for each Ethernet port
  • 4 indicator LEDs under program (software) control
  • 1 SD/MMC connector for storage expansion
  • 1 panel push button accessible by your software
Product Image
Gateway Communications Computer with Java in All‑Metal Enclosure
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Block Diagram
Gateway 2 block diagram
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