Medallion TPC‑43C “Green Tech” Touch Panel Computer

The TPC‑43C is a low carbon-footprint computer with a Color TFT LCD and Touch panel plus Power over Ethernet, targeting Building Automation and factory HMI (Human‑Machine Interface) applications.

  • WqVGA (480x272) 4.3", Color, TFT LCD Panel in Landscape format, with 65,536 colors, adjustable LED Backlight, and Touch panel
  • Powered by a standard Medallion CPU Module (an SA2410-650 is included) for flexibility, the 32-bit ARM9 processor features 32 kB of cache, 64 MB of SDRAM, and 128 MB or more of NAND flash, plus a separate NOR flash for reliable bootloader and SW update options
  • Power-Over-Ethernet (POE) dramatically reduces installation costs.
    • Replace power cables with a single CAT 5 cable for both power and Ethernet.
  • Power options: 10 - 30 VDC or 7 - 24 VAC or POE
  • Low-power, passive cooling enables fanless operation
    • Typical power consumption with 12 V in, with LCD & Backlight ON is < 200 mA @ 200 MHz (full-speed)
    • To reduce power consumption, software can turn the backlight ON/OFF and control the brightness
  • Low-power, Real-Time Clock (RTC) with Battery Backup included
  • Hidden Memory Card Connector for Secure Digital (SD) and MultiMediaCard (MMC) (for user-upgradeable storage expansion)
  • Full-speed, USB Host ports (USB Type A connectors) supports Wireless Expansion, such as 802.11 or Bluetooth
  • Fast Ethernet (10BaseT/100BaseTX) interface with RJ-45 connector featuring integrated LED status indicators
  • all connections exit the rear, unlike PC-based products whose connectors point into the drywall
  • SW-controlled beeper with frequency/tone control are standard
  • RS232 serial interface on optional DE-9 adapter to accelerate SW development
  • Ships with the proven Medallion Linux 2.6.3x plus drivers pre-installed.
  • Dimensions: Width: 178 mm, 7" Height: 100 mm, 3.95" Thickness: 9 mm, 0.4" from wall (Over all: 33 mm, 1.3")
  • Mounting: This unit sits in a recessed hole in the wall or instrument panel. It is held in place by magnets which clamp to a wall bracket (supplied). It requires a recess of only about 1" (25mm).
  • GUI options include:
    • Choice of Qt on X or Qt Embedded, for full PC compatibility
    • Linux Framebuffer (FB), operating in 16-bit, 65,536-color mode
    • X11 (Xorg) on FB for standard Linux/Unix graphics
    • FLTK on X, for a full-featured, extensible, yet free GUI
    • GTK+ on X, another option for PC compatibility
    • Ask about Web Browser Support as we offer a few options there
Product Image
Touch-Panel Computer with 4.3-inch, color TFT LCD and POE
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Block Diagram
TPC-43B block diagram
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Ordering Information

*Standard configuration includes 200 MHz processor speed; 64 MB SDRAM; 2 MB NOR FLASH; 128 MB SSD; other configurations are priced accordingly.
Please Contact Us for pricing for other quantities.

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