SA2410E Medallion CPU Module

This Module is powered by a Samsung S3C2410A(L) processor, featuring an ARM-920T core with MMU and cache memories. Note that the cache is larger on this processor than on most other ARM-9 chips with a 922T or 926T core. The LCD controller will drive STN and CSTN displays with 4 or 8 data lines, plus TFT displays with up to 6 bits for each of Red, Green, and Blue data. Plus there are extra timing signals for today's advanced TFT and LTPS displays. But it also still has all the serial ports, IrDA, SPI, I²C, key-scan, and 32-bit bus of the other Medallions!

Feature Description
Processor speed Variable from 12 to 200 or 266 MHz
  • Single 3.3 V supply in
  • on-board 1.8 V supply
  • on-board reset controller
Serial ports
  • 1 UART with modem control lines
  • 1 UART with RX/TX
  • 1 IrDA
  • 1 I²C (in HW)
  • 1 SPI
  • 2 Full-speed host ports (12 Mbps)
  • 1 Full-speed device (Gadget) port
  • Stereo Line-in (8 to 48 kHz)
  • Stereo Line-out (8 to 48 kHz)
  • 4- or 8-bit STN and CSTN
  • 18-bit TFT
  • integrated touch-panel controller
  • FETs on-board
Keypad Key-matrix scan hardware supporting up to 88 keys (8 x 11)
  • 32 Data
  • 26 Address
  • 3 Chip-selects
  • 4 Write “lanes”
  • 1 Read
  • 3 IRQs
  • Expansion Clock and Ready
NOR flash Techsol’s boot loaders and Linux 2.6.x kernel are stored in 2 MB of NOR flash.
Main memory up to 64 MB of SDRAM
Solid-state disk provided via NAND flash (up to 1 GB)
Memory expansion Memory card interface supporting:
  • MultiMediaCard (MMC)
  • Secure Digital (SD)
  • SDIO
Ethernet Fast Ethernet controller supporting 10/100 Mb/s; automatic detection and switching; connections for link and activity LEDs
Dimensions 50 mm × 50 mm
Software Included drivers:
  • all the on-board peripherals
  • Linux framebuffer
  • GTK+
  • Qt Embedded
  • X11 (Xorg)
  • Audio Play and Record programs
  • file systems
  • USB:
    • Mass Storage Devices
    • Human Interface Devices
      • text input devices, such as keyboards
      • pointing devices, such as mice and trackballs
    • USB Gadget
    • etc.
  • for all the I/O board peripherals, such as:
    • Ethernet
    • USB Gadget
    • extra UARTs
    • etc.
Product Image
top side of an SA2410E Medallion CPU Module

bottom side of an SA2410E Medallion CPU Module

Block Diagram
SA2410E block diagram
enlarge image
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See also

This module is useful in a wide range of applications due to its:

  • High Speed (32-bit RISC CPU at 200 or 266 MHz)
  • Low Power (1.8 V core with myriad power-saving options)
  • Large Storage Capabilities (up to 1 GB of storage on the module)
  • Low Cost (Ultra-high Value Proposition!)

Customers of this module have deployed them in:

  • Aftermarket Automotive Products
  • Card Payment Terminals
  • Telematics
  • Industrial Controls
  • Hand-held Inventory Computers
  • Factory Automation and Monitoring
  • Building Controls and Monitoring
  • Gas-well Monitoring and Telemetry
  • Medication Dispensing Systems

But the SA2410 is adaptable to so many tasks, we can't list them all here!


Config NOR
LCD Touch Audio
340 2 MB 128 MB 32 MB 1 1 SVGA
350 2 0
650 64 MB 2 0
640 1 Stereo Stereo