Medallion Classic CPU Modules


Techsol practically invented the Computer-On-Module (COM) back in 2001. Since then, we’ve set the benchmark for small form-factor computers with:

  • First small computer with USB Host ports (HY7201)
  • First Linux port for Hynix GMS30c7201 ARM processor
  • First small computer with VGA (RGB) outputs (HY7201)
  • First Linux drivers for M-Systems’s DiskOnChip on ARM HW (2002)
  • First Linux drivers for TransDimension’s USB Host controllers (2002)
  • World’s smallest PC (4" x 4" x 1") (2002)
  • First to use Linux drivers for Philips ISP1761 High-Speed USB Host Controller on ARM architecture (2005)
  • First Handheld with High-Speed USB Host ports (SA2410 2005)
  • The world’s only small computer with 10 “drop-in” compatible versions over 8 years!

See why Techsol’s Medallion CPU Modules have been chosen as the “brains” of products ranging from Automotive Accessories, to Medical Life-Support Devices, to Industrial Controls, to ultra-low-power rugged handheld computers.

Technical Notes

The CPU module connects to the I/O board through a pair of 120-contact connectors. These are mounted on either side of the module and require substantial force to loosen. This provides more reliable physical support for the CPU module than with competing schemes using a single connector (typically a SODIMM memory connector).

In addition, Techsol’s Medallion CPU Modules have many more signals available, including a full 32-bit wide bus with 64 MB of address-space per chip-select, giving greater expansion capability along with more built-in features, making them the best buy of Computer-On-Module devices. Even so, they are also the smallest of any devices that feature a full expansion bus!

You can design the I/O board or we can (see the “Services” tab above). We can also provide cost-effective production for you.