Techsol’s Partners

Hardware Partners

Techsol works with many providers of HW IP and products.
Here are a few of them: (arranged alphabetically)

Clover Display logo Clover Display is a reputable Hong Kong LCD manufacturer since 1983 with expertise in the development of custom designed products and products for outdoor applications.
Freescale Semiconductor logo

NXP Semiconductors logo
Techsol uses i.MX applications processors from Freescale Semiconductor.
Samsung logo Samsung Semiconductor, Inc., headquartered in San Jose, California, is a wholly‑owned USA subsidiary of the Seoul, Korea‑based global electronics giant, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.
Samsung Semiconductor is the second largest semiconductor manufacturer in the world and industry’s volume and technology leader in DRAM, NAND flash memory, SRAM, and in TFT-LCD panels.
Texas Instruments logo Techsol uses a variety of parts from Texas Instruments, from audio CODECs, to SMPS controllers, to OMAP processors!

Software Partners

Techsol products all ship with the Linux Operating System (OS).
But that's not all! We cherry-pick the best of open-source and proprietary software to maximize the value delivered through high levels of functionality and compatibility.
Here are a few of our software partners: (arranged alphabetically)

Android (operating system) logo Techsol has ported Android 2.3.x to the TSCM‑283, bringing you the lowest-cost industrial computer supporting Android ever.
Apogee Software logo Founded in 1988 by 6 compiler designers, Apogee Software Inc. is a well-established provider of programming environments for development and deployment of Java applications targeted at embedded systems. It is also the provider of the first JVM certified by Sun for J2ME/CDC.
Clarinox logo Clarinox Pty. Ltd. for Custom Bluetooth Application Development. Protocol Stacks, Software Design, Hardware Design and Porting Services; VxWorks, Nucleus, ThreadX, RTXC, eCos
Fluffy Spider Technologies logo Fluffy Spider Technologies (FST) specialises in advanced Graphical User Interface and high-performance Multi-Media software for embedded application developers, backed by comprehensive custom development services. Their flagship product, called FancyPants, is the award-winning technology platform that enables global OEM's to quickly and easily develop such embedded applications in mobile, consumer, commercial and industrial devices. FancyPants enables OEM's to better differentiate themselves and dramatically enhance user experiences, while minimising device hardware requirements and costs.
FreeRTOS wordmark Techsol uses FreeRTOS on various co-processors which communicate via USB with a Host computer running Linux or Android.
Kadak logo For a small, fast, reliable RTOS, it's hard to beat AMX from Kadak.  We've used it since 1985, and in that time it has been ported to many processors, including ARM. If it's good enough for NASA (the martian rover that worked), then we figure it's good enough for us!
Tux the penguin, the mascot of Linux Techsol uses various operating system distributions based on the Linux kernel, including Android as listed above and our own Medallion Linux which, as of 2012‑07‑04, is based on the Ångström distribution.

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