Techsol’s Production Services: Manufacturing

Techsol’s Manufacturing Options

Techsol offers a variety of manufacturing options, which can be tailored to meet your needs.

If we are doing your manufacturing then we also provide production support, such as locating/sourcing alternate parts when a component becomes obsolete or becomes unavailable due to supply shortages, for free!

In‑house Manufacturing Services

Techsol has a state‑of‑the‑art, precision, low‑volume, SMT production line.
Featuring camera vision and laser‑alignment technologies, it can place fine‑pitch BGAs as well as tiny passive devices.
This line is intended to speed prototype development for custom designs, as well as supporting pilot runs or other low‑volume production.

NAFTA Manufacturing Services

Techsol has also established relationships with other Contract Manufacturers (CMs) with higher‑volume SMT production lines.
Ever since the introduction of NAFTA, products can be moved between Canada, the USA, and Mexico without duties.

Products are built to IPC‑610 Class‑2 standards in ISO‑certified facilities. We can also accommodate special needs on request.

Most product is built within Canada or the USA at very competitive costs, because we design the product with automated assembly in mind, rather than manual assembly.
The Mexican shops offer lower labour costs without language or time zone challenges. This option is intended for mid‑volume runs for items with higher labour content.

Overseas Manufacturing Services

Techsol has also established relationships with off‑shore production houses.
Time zones, languages, law, and shipping add to the cost of production.
This option is intended for high‑volume products with higher labour content.
We rarely excercise this option because we design for low‑labour production.
However, this option makes sense for portable computers, such as a laptop, where the labour content is quite high.